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Buying/Selling/Trading Rules


The Buy/Sell/Trade area is intended for individuals to buy, sell, and trade between one another. SportsFreaksOnline.com cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the buyer, seller, trader, or the items being exchanged. SportsFreaksOnline.com does not take responsibility of any sort for any transactions that takes place between individuals. If you do have difficulties with a trade or you think you have been scammed, contact an Admin or a Moderator through private message and we will do what we can to help you resolve the issue.

Where do I post?

Buying and Selling For buying and selling softball items only.
Trading For trading of softball items only.
Price Checking For finding a gauge on pricing to buy/sell/trade.
Everything Else For buying/selling/trading of non-softball items only.

Cross posting (posting the same item in more than one thread) will not be tolerated. Please only post for sale items to one BST category.

  1. You MUST post a price for ALL For Sale (FS) and For Sale/For Trade (FS/FT) topics. Included in your post MUST be a photograph of the goods for sale/trade, accompanied by a handwritten note with the date, and your username. Without these, your thread will be deleted.
  2. Any thread posted with an item for sale, or trade MUST be accompanied by a handwritten note with the date, and your username when it's posted. Without this, the thread will be automatically deleted.
  3. As this is a board for the members, it is meant for person to person dealings, opposed to reps and storefronts. This being said, no more than 4 NIW/NOW/used bats or otherwise can be for sale or trade at one time.
  4. Promoting specifics storefront in forums outside of Local Retailer Deals is prohibited. Our advertisers help to keep this board functioning, and because of this, I ask that you respect them, and when you're able to do so, support them. They all contribute to the board, and help SFO members whenever they're engaged. Users that continue to do this will have their posts removed, up and until a ban.
  5. Multiple threads with 4 or less won't be tolerated. If you have several bats for sale, ebay is a great place to sell them. As well, no "Cleaning out the closet" type threads, including several bats both NIW and used. These forums are intended to help buy/sell/trade your equipment, but within reason.
  6. Honour your prices.
  7. No auction style posts will be allowed. The posting of eBay links by themselves is prohibited. eBay links are allowed if the poster is willing to sell the item(s) to forum members at a lower specified, POSTED price.
  8. Post oring will not be tolerated. If you do not intend to buy and have nothing positive to add, please refrain from posting in that topic. If you think the asking price is too high, or want to make an offer significantly lower than the posted price, please contact the seller via email or private message (PM).
  9. You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession. Buy-in's and advanced sales are not permitted, unless approved by a Moderator or Administrator.
  10. As per the above, you cannot sell items on behalf of your friends, relatives, etc. If they wish to sell something, they should create their own forum account.
  11. Every item, (including NIW) listed for sale or trade must have actual item photos and inclusion of hand-written note stating the user name and date.
    The goal is to eliminate most questions about the condition of the item for sale/trade, and also ensures that the seller actually has the item in their possession. Any thread(s) not meeting these requirements will be deleted.
  12. The sale of juiced/altered/shaved bats are not permitted here. Any posts pertaining to this will be removed.
  13. The advertising of Rolling Services is not permitted.
  14. Receipt requests are not permitted here. These requests will be deleted. Please understand that by asking for a receipt, you are defrauding the companies that produce these bats. If you have a legitimate claim, please call the company in question directly.
  15. The sale of broken bats is prohibited. If you have a legitimate receipt, return the bat to the manufacturer. If not, then you're out of luck. Threads advertising broken bats for sale will be removed. Bat end caps also fall under this umbrella.
  16. No pirated/bootleg/illegal/trades allowed. You cannot disclose the inclusion of pirated games/applications/movies in any of your sale threads. Your price can also not reflect the inclusion of pirated games/applications/movies. Furthermore, the sale of fake purses or other branded goods is strictly prohibited. Selling tickets for an event above the ticket face value is illegal and not allowed.
  17. As this is a Canadian board, please post in Canadian dollars when selling equipment. If you need to figure out currency rates, http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html
  18. Bumping a thread: No more than 2 bumps per 24 hour period (00:00 - 23:59). We have a moderate size board, and threads don't move quickly enough to need to bump more than twice a day.
  19. Price Checks/Interest Checks do not belong in the Buying and Selling or Trading forums. Please post all price checks in the Price Checking forum. Please make it a genuine post to determine price and not an attempt to find the highest bidder.
  20. Any individual who commits a threadcrap in either of the Buy, Sell, Trade forums will first be warned, and if it continues, they will be removed from the site. If you are a new user to the forum, no amnesty will be provided. Take the time to read the rules before participating in this forum.
A moderator or administrator can choose to forgo the above and implement an longer/permanent ban should they deem appropriate.

The BST is not a forum where pricing opinion is open for discussion. Respect the posters asking prices. If you feel the need to comment, do it via a PM or an Email.

This rule is effective immediately as of this posting and is not exclusive of posting price related threadcraps. Negative comments of any sorts (including obvious lowballing) towards the posting is also fair game to this rule.

There is a number of reasons that this has been revised, but the Buy/Sell/Trade needs to get back to basics and allow users to navigate to what they are trying to find easier.

Users who break this rule or attempt to circumvent it will be warned and if the behaviour continues, they will be banned.

Keep the forums clean, and have fun!

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