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t22c6 not approved

Just recieved an email from Ron Poulton saying the t22c6 is not legal for NSA.
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Remeber Miken has to submit the papers....give it time.
Zone Diamond Sports Rep

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miken has to pay to have there bats tested so that must have been done and doenst pass nsa standards i guess its only good to go in nsa usa usssa utrip
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Agree, I traded mine for a Freak + and a B1 Combat, both NIW.
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But not on the NSA approved:

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CE Composites B1FP1 Combat B1
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DeMarini DXDBB DeMarini Doublewall Fastpitch
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DeMarini DXDBD DeMarini Distance
DeMarini DXDBF DeMarini Fastpitch Fli
DeMarini DXDBH DeMarini Distance AX
DeMarini DXDBT DeMarini Fatboy
DeMarini DXDIS Ray Classsic
DeMarini DXDML DeMarini Demolition
DeMarini DXDRK Dark Half & Half Slowpitch
DeMarini DXEVO EVO Half & Half Composite Slowpitch
DeMarini DXF375 375 Mx
DeMarini DXFF2 F2 Half & Half Fastpitch
DeMarini DXRZH DeMarini Rayzr AX
DeMarini DXRZM DeMarini 375MX
DeMarini DXVNS DeMarini Vexxum
DeMarini DXVFB DeMarini Vexxum Men's FP
DeMarini DXNSP Nirto Slowpitch
DeMarini DXRZF DeMarini Rayzr Fastpitch
DeMarini DXSF2-3 DeMarini F2 (2003)
DeMarini DXSF2-4 DeMarini F2 (2004)
DeMarini DXSF2 F2 Half & Half Slowpitch
DeMarini DXUFP DeMarini Ultimate Fastpitch
DeMarini DXUWE DeMarini Ultimate Weapon
DeMarini DXPTF DeMarini Patriot Fastpitch
DeMarini DXRCT DeMarini Reactor Fastpitch
DeMarini DXWHI White Steel
Demarini EVO AX
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Easton SCN2 Synergy CNT +
Easton SCN2B Synergy CNT
Easton SCN3 Synergy CNT
Easton SST3B Stealth CNT
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Easton S3 Smoker
Easton S5 Hammer
Easton S6
Easton S60
Easton S80
Easton S9 Black Max
Easton SE710
Easton SCX22 Synergy 2
Easton SCX23 Synergy +
Easton SCX3 Synergy Extended
Easton SCX24B (Fastpitch)
Easton SE910
Easton SE911
Easton SG3
Easton SJ2
Easton SJ7
Easton SK1 Spectre
Easton SK10
Easton SK11 Black Max
Easton SK12
Easton SK12 X-Treme
Easton SK15 X-Treme
Easton SK16 Hammer
Easton SK19 X-Treme
Easton SK20
Easton SK26
Easton SK27
Easton SK29
Easton SK3 Smoke
Easton SK31
Easton SK31B
Easton SK32 Cyclone
Easton SK32B Cyclone
Easton SK5 Hammer
Easton SK6 Hammer
Easton SK60
Easton SK7
Easton SK75
Easton SK8
Easton SK85
Easton SK9 Black Max
Easton SK90 Black Magic
Easton SRX100-C Reflex C-Core
Easton SRX100-CBX Reflex C-Core
Easton SRX100-CX Reflex C-Core
Easton SRX10SCX Reflex Sheila Cornell
Easton SRX1-C Reflex Ultra C-Core Shuck
Easton SRX2DS Reflex Ultra
Easton SRX2SC Dan Reflex
Easton SRX4 Ultra-Sheila Douty
Easton SRX4B
Easton SRX9DS Reflex Dan Schuck
Easton SRX9DSX Reflex Dan Schuck
Easton SRX9G Reflex Gold
Easton SRX9G Reflex Todd Joerling
Easton SRX9GX Reflex Todd Joerling
Easton SRX9SC Reflex Sheila Cornell
Easton SST1
Easton SST1B
Easton SST3 Stealth CNT
Easton ST1-Z Connexion Z-Core
Easton ST1-ZB
Easton ST100ZB Connexion Z-Core
Easton ST110B
Easton ST115
Easton ST2-Z
Easton ST2-ZB
Easton ST3
Easton ST3-B
Easton ST5-Z
Easton ST5-ZB
Easton ST6B
Easton ST7-Z ConneXion Z-Core
Easton ST7-ZB ConneXion Z-Core
Easton STS Tri-Shell
Easton STS Tri-Shell
Easton STS Tri-Shell
Easton STS Tri-Shell
Easton STS -B Tri Shell
Easton SX100
Easton SX10T
Easton SX18
Easton SX1T
Easton SX2
Easton SX20
Easton SX24 React 24
Easton SX 30
Easton SX35
Easton SX40 Reflex
Easton SX40B Reflex
Easton SX50 React 50 Black
Easton SX50 Reflex
Easton SX51 Magic
Easton SX55 React 55
Easton SX56 Black Magic
Easton SX7
Easton SX71
Easton SX80-C C-Core
Easton SX81
Easton SX91
Easton SX95
Easton SX95 React 95
Easton SZ10
Easton SZ11 Redline 11
Easton SZ1-C Redline C-Core
Easton SZ1-CB Redline C-Core
Easton SZ3 Redline Sunbelt
Easton SZ4 Redline USA
Easton SZ5-Z Redline Z-Core
Easton SZ5-ZB Redline Z-Core
Easton SZ6-T Ti-Core
Easton SZ7 Redline Sunbelt
Easton SZ70-Z
Easton SZ70-ZB
Easton SZ71-Z Z-Core
Easton SZ71-ZB Z-Core
Easton SZ77
Easton SZ77-B
Easton SZ810B Havoc
Easton SZ810 Havoc
Easton SZ87 Triple 7
Easton SZ87B Triple 7
Easton SZ8-C Redline C-Core
Easton SZ8-CB Redline C-Core
Easton SZ9
Easton SZ9-B Rebel
Easton STS6 Tri-Shell ConneXion
Easton ST8-Z ConneXion Z-Core
Easton SZ700 Triple 7
Easton ST10 ConneXion
Easton ST8-ZB ConneXion Z-Core
Easton SZ800B Triple 8
Easton SZ73-ZB Z-Core
Easton SZ700B Triple 7

Continued next post

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Louisville Slugger CFP14 Dot Richardson Collegiate Series
Louisville Slugger CFP15 TPS Burgundy Bottle Collegiate Series
Louisville Slugger CFP16 Inertia -Collegiate Series
Louisville Slugger CFP17 TPS -C555-Collegiate Series
Louisville Slugger CFP18 TPS Air Attack 3 Bottle -Lisa Collegiate
Louisville Slugger CFP19 TPS Bottle -Dot Richardson -Collegiate Series
Louisville Slugger CFP23 Players Series Collegiate Series
Louisville Slugger CFP24 TPS -Air Inertia
Louisville Slugger CFP25 Air C555-Collegiate Series
Louisville Slugger CFP26 C555-Collegiate Series
Louisville Slugger CFP27 Lisa Air Gold Collegiate Series Dr Dot Gold Collegiate Series
Louisville Slugger CFP28A TPS Ritch's Superior
Louisville Slugger CTPSR Advanced Player Custom
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Louisville Slugger FP38 BURGUNDY
Louisville Slugger FP39 DR DOT
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Louisville Slugger FP40 Silver Slugger
Louisville Slugger FP405
Louisville Slugger FP41 TPS XXL
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Louisville Slugger FP7 Air Attack
Louisville Slugger FP8 Lisa &Dot
Louisville Slugger FP9 Springsteel
Louisville Slugger FPC305 TPS Catalyst
Louisville Slugger FPM3 TPS Fastpitch
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Louisville Slugger SB17 Team TPS Inertia Balanced
Louisville Slugger SB18 Air Attack 2
Louisville Slugger SB19 TPS Advanced Player Series
Louisville Slugger SB104
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Louisville Slugger SB20 C555
Louisville Slugger SB21 TPS Ai Balanced (C ) (L)
Louisville Slugger SB21E TPS Ai End Weighted E (EL)(EK)(EC)
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Louisville Slugger SB37 XXL
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Louisville Slugger SB40 Silver Slugger
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Louisville Slugger TPSF TPS Lisa Fernandez Bottle
Louisville Slugger TPSFP TPS Modified Bottle
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Louisville Slugger TPSR Power Dome
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Louisville Slugger WFP22 Youth Softball
Louisville Slugger WSB40 Silver Slugger
Louisville Slugger TPS Ritch's Superior Advanced Player
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Louisville Slugger CFP503 GEN1X XXL (College Model)
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Louisville Slugger FP305
Louisville Slugger FP38 Burgundy
Louisville Slugger FP39 Dr Dot
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Louisville Slugger FP503 GEN1X XXL
Louisville Slugger FP504 Scandium XS
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Louisville Slugger SB305
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Louisville Slugger SB37 XXL
Louisville Slugger SB38 TPS -Gold
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Miken MSED Edge
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Mizuno MZC2 Techfire "Rage"
Mizuno MZC3 Techfire "Fury"
Mizuno MZC4 Techfire Crush
Mizuno MZC5 Techfire FastPitch
Mizuno MZC-7 Blur
Mizuno MZC-8 Blur Advanced
Mizuno MZA-2 Finch 2
Mizuno MZS3-2 Techfire CRUSH
Mizuno MZS3-3 TechfireFP
Mizuno Jennie Finch FP
Nike Show SP
Nike Show FP
Nike Surge SP
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Nike KAOS Keystone FP
Nike Bomber SP
Nike Bomber FP
Nike Air Tsunami
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Nike Ignitor FP
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Rawlings FPLM
Rawlings FPSGT Scandium GT
Rawlings SP3
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Toledo Sports S2CB
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continues next post
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Worth PST
Worth PST 98 Search & Destroy
Worth PST120
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Worth QSW11
Worth QWFP
Worth SBAB
Worth SBAB11
Worth SBAB9
Worth SBBA
Worth SBE
Worth SBP
Worth SBT
Worth SBWK
Worth SBWR
Worth SNFP
Worth SSMG
Worth SW4
Worth SW4P
Worth SW410
Worth SWBT
Worth SWS23
Worth VT5MS
Worth VTCR
Worth VTCR5
Worth VTLL
Worth VTMB
Worth WFPS
Worth WFPS2
Worth WIC120
Worth Wicked
Worth WOCS
Worth WWFC
Worth WWSC
Worth XEST23X
Worth XEST5X
Worth XEST9X
Worth XPST4
Worth XPST5
Worth XRED

One thing for ASA. At least you can get a printout of the non-apporoved. This list is way too long!!
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Post Ore
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And Kmrjr.. you can print it out.. its just on 3 mind you the ASA one is like 4 pages (if you do the pics).

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I dont understand.. last year NSA US did not approve any Mikens.... But NSA Canada approves them all... now this YEAR the T22C6 is NSA legal in US... but not Canada.. damn it.. guess I better sell mine.
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hit a bomb once
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ALSO could someone please tell me how NSA canada determines what bats are and are not legal I am betting they dont test them selves..
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Both are the list, Icatchn sent you a PM.
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Forgot the on part, if you look at the updated version on NSA Canada the JH120 is missing, this is why I sent Ron a message. He said JH120 is gtg but not the t22c6.
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