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2017 f30 reviews

Anyoney swung a 2017 miken f30? would love to hear your feedback on it. Thanks
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it is a machine!! best bat ive swung. Balls fly off this thing, i like this years alot better then last.
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if I got a 26oz would it feel like a 26 or heavier or lighter. Homerun sports has no more 27oz just 26oz left.
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Originally Posted by crazylong View Post
if I got a 26oz would it feel like a 26 or heavier or lighter. Homerun sports has no more 27oz just 26oz left.
BP Hero I believe said the bat swings heavier - he was swinging a 26oz in his review. Plus, he normally likes heavy end load, so it likely swings with the feel of 26.5 or 27 oz, but it is all a guess on my part.
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