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Raffle list and information

Please note: Any and all posts in this thread will be deleted.

(Past 6 months)
edavis (Site Raffles)
blueoveryou (for teedub)

Current Raffle:

Upcoming Raffles:



Useful Information:

Felks32 or Nolti27 will look after keeping the raffle list up to date. This includes adding new people to the raffle order, updating when raffles are completed, and setting the deadline for when the next raffle is to be up and running. They will also ensure that the 96 hour deadline is enforced. Please be sure to check this thread frequently when it's close to your turn (or especially when you are on deck) to ensure you don't miss the deadline for your raffle to be approved and running.

Felks32 or Nolti27 will look after the approving of the individual raffles including keeping the number of tickets/prizes to the correct levels. To be clear, one of them must approve the raffle before it can run. We will need to know what you are raffling, and how many tickets you intend to sell at what price. It is YOUR (the raffler's) responsibility to get your raffle approved in a timely manner (submit it early....before you're up would be ideal) to ensure that you can make the imposed 96 hour deadline to be up and running. Miss the deadline....miss your opportunity to raffle, but feel free to send a request again to Felks32 or Nolti27 to get put to the back of the list.

An available mod (not in raffle) will assist in drawing the raffle once complete.

Advise mods once raffle is complete and draw numbers are required.

Once your turn has come you will have a maximum of 96 hours to get your raffle approved and posted.

Please review the Raffle rules and regulations prior to start.

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