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yes but skeptical 4 26.67%
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no, what is HBase? 6 40.00%
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Originally Posted by bobber_1077 View Post
Did I read that website correct, that a set of bases with safety base included is like $700?!?!
If so, as great as they may could almost buy a new set of bags every year for 4yrs at the same price. And the main selling point is, you don't need a hammer to put them in?

That's a real tough sell in the market being that much more than a normal set of bags, and that they are quite slippery.

Good luck man, but I think you will need to come down in price to be sustainable.
Thanks bobber

Duly noted, they're not for everyone, but neither is a $250-300 composite stick in hockey. But I still use them as the $100 ones are crap. We are striving for the same premium quality and design in our bases and unfortunately comes at a cost. If you're a team or league these bases will last you 5 times longer than hammer in vinyl bases, which is part of the value, but if you install bases like I do it's the ease of in/out that I get the most accolades for. Hopefully we'll keep improving and expanding and with that the price will come down... but never anywhere near the crap hammer in ones.
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Originally Posted by blueoveryou View Post
I hate beating a dead horse, but that slippery when wet issue is the only one that comes to mind.

Otherwise, they were a pleasure to use. I have used them both outdoors and indoors (in a dome) and it was great. I looked at the pricing and while it its definitely too expensive for any individuals to buy for themselves, the price seems reasonable to be absorbed at a facility or league level, just maybe over a few seasons.
Thanks blueoveryou

Glad to see your seeing them in dome ball too. That was not part of our objective when we startedout but becoming more and more popular there.

As for individuals, it's not just players but I actually have some individual umpires buying them now as they have to install bases each night and love to save time and effort with our bases. Plus there are a few individuals that rent them as well, fits better into their budget I'm sure. Not sure of all of the end users scenarios but we never have any left... lol. Hope you get to see our new design next season and look forward to your feedback.
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Originally Posted by kvander View Post
My team has had a set for 3 years, and I'm very happy with them. As stated, the most obvious issue is the price, since you can get 3 sets of traditional bases for the cost. The value is the convenience.

- IMO they are worth the cost. We just divide it up across the team. Well worth it to never have to hammer or pull bases out of our hard clay diamonds. (As a team manager, this is actually a great way to eliminate the annoyance of most of your team being lazy asshats that never help with that stuff anyway.)
- Durability seems great. We have had no issues.
- I have seen way more people slip or trip on traditional bases from loose straps, broken straps, or spikes sticking up. Are you guys stepping with your full foot on the base when rounding second or something? Just step on the corner with your toe like a normal person. If you are relying on a spike and strap base to stay put, you're asking for trouble.
- The only issue I've seen with getting them in the ground is when the area is not flat. If the dirt is elevated in the middle of the bag, it will wobble around. Just kick the area flat an there is no problem. I don't see how anyone would be unable to get the spikes to set.

Some suggestions for improvement:
- Give them a lower profile, ie. a bit thinner, so it's easier on the foot to step on
- or, make them soft, with more give, for the same reason (sounds like you might have done this already with the fabric version)
- Get your price down. You say you are sold out every year. You claim to have a better product and to have solved the slipping issue. Expand and reduce production costs with greater volume.
Thanks for the feedback kvander, appreciate it

"asshats"... nice!

Our new bases, starting this year, are all lower profile. The newly designed bases for next year will be the same and softer as well. Would love to invest milllions and expand but currently just a father/son duo... lol. We are taking it slowly, working out the bugs, meeting all of our users for feedback and backing our product 100%. Once we are satisfied we'll expand and go national, hopefully next year or 2021. Meeting with manufacturers now. Just need to figure out the best way to market them. If we go retail the price goes up as those guys mark up our price 30 - 50% so avoiding that and just trying to stay online. I still believe our pricing has value. If your a team or league you will replace the crap bags many times before ours, plus add the price of fixing straps and spikes, hammers, and those unfortunate players that snap their ankles on a hammered in spike when sliding... seen that too many times... In the end the price gap becomes far smaller when everything is factored in.
See on the field!
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I don't know of any people still using hammer in bags. We play with the rubber bases that slide into the ground. Sleeves built into the diamonds. There all preset and bases drop in ,, as for the other bases u need marks on where to put the hbases on the field. If u have to measure all of the time to place the bases it really doesn't save time. Ya and the cost is high.
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Originally Posted by MikeHubbs View Post
Our new bases, starting this year, are all lower profile. The newly designed bases for next year will be the same and softer as well. Would love to invest milllions and expand but currently just a father/son duo... lol.
See on the field!
Any way for us early adopters to trade the older models in on the newer models?


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