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Originally Posted by kvander View Post
You can't apologize and say you did nothing wrong in the same sentence. Own it. You knew full well that the bats were worth more than the selling price, and you purchased them with the intent to sell for profit immediately after.
The only thing wrong with that is that it's not a nice thing to do.
You have 4 posts on this site, so you don't really have the background to say what "most the guys asking after" would have done. Most guys on here would pass along the deal to someone else, if they didn't plan to use the bat. That's why this site *was* good. Friendly people making friendly deals.
Noone here is going to appreciate your arbitrage.

I agree with Kev. This board was created with the intent of meeting new people and passing on great deals to each other while enjoying our softball passion. And not for profit !!!!!!!!!!
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